Adirondack 7 Mile Race to the Lakes
Saturday, June 24, 2023

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Registrant Listing

BIB Name [Team] City, State Race
201 Katherine Ambrosio Delmar, NY 7m
202 Laurie Anderson Queensbury, NY 7m
343 Arthur Armstrong Clifton Park, NY 7m
344 Bruce Armstrong Clifton Park, NY 7m
345 Armystrong Armystrong Clifton Park, NY 7m
203 Matthew Ash Northville, NY 7m
204 Timothy Bardin Queensbury, NY 7m
205 Jacqueline Beattie Tupper Lake, NY 7m
206 Thomas Behlmer Queensbury, NY 7m
346 Jennifer Bennoch Saratoga Springs, NY 7m
207 Brynn Bethel Queensbury, NY 7m
208 Meghan Bethel Queensbury, NY 7m
347 Annalise Beyerbach Queensbury, NY 7m
209 Cathy Biss Queensbury, NY 7m
210 Andrew Blaine Plattsburgh, NY 7m
211 Chelsea Bolles Queensbury, NY 7m
348 Melissa Bramlage Glens Falls, NY 7m
212 Michael Bromm Valley Falls, NY 7m
349 John Brunner Schenectady, NY 7m
213 Darlene Cardillo Delmar, NY 7m
378 Autumn Carey Warrensburg, NY 7m
214 Darryl Caron Clifton Park, NY 7m
215 Mona Caron Clifton Park, NY 7m
350 Peter Carpenter Queensbury, NY 7m
216 Jamie Casline Ballston Lake, NY 7m
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