Bridge the Gap Race
Saturday, May 6, 2023

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Registrant Listing

  Name [Team] City, State Race
  Debbie Ahern Bucksport, ME 3-Miler
  Donald Ahern Bucksport, ME 3-Miler
  Susan Alexandre Ogunquit, ME 3-Miler
  Mary Astbury Verona Island, ME 10-Miler
  Erin Baltes Brunswick, ME 3-Miler
  Jennifer Barnes Corinth, ME 3-Miler
  Ben Barr Millinocket, ME 3-Miler
  Abby Bishop Orland, ME 3-Miler
  Samantha Bishop Orland, ME 3-Miler
  Tabitha Bishop Orland, ME 3-Miler
  Joseph Booth Bristol, ME 10-Miler
  Helen Brockway Winslow, ME 3-Miler
  Nathan Brockway Winslow, ME 3-Miler
  Virginia Brockway Winslow, ME 3-Miler
  Justin Brouty Ellsworth, ME 3-Miler
  Tammy Brouty Penobscot, ME 3-Miler
  Lori Burton Bangor, ME 3-Miler
  Carrie Byron Portland, ME 10-Miler
  Elisabeth Cawley Bangor, ME 3-Miler
  Carrie Clark Frankfort, ME 3-Miler
  Katherine Collins Winterport, ME 10-Miler
  Wallace Collins Bucksport, ME 10-Miler
  Denise Copley Dover, NH 3-Miler
  Douglas Couper Falmouth, ME 10-Miler
  Leslie Couper Falmouth, ME 10-Miler - Registration in a zip!