24th Altamont 5K Run/Walk
Saturday, August 27, 2022

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Registrant Listing

# Name [Team] City, State Race
1 Ashley Abraham Berne, NY 5k Walk
2 Joaquin Abraham Berne, NY 5k Run
3 Benjamin Adams Slingerlands, NY 5k Run
4 Catherine Adams Slingerlands, NY 5k Run
5 Isabella Ahearn Oakland Gardens, NY 5k Run
6 Theodore Ahearn Oakland Gardens, NY 5k Run
7 Alyssa Alliger New Cumberland, PA 5k Run
8 Kathrine Ambrosio Delmar, NY 5k Run
9 Patfick Ambrosio Delmar, NY 5k Run
10 Kevin Baker Glenmont, NY 5k Run
11 Bob Barbato Delmar, NY 5k Run
12 Marlene Bell Charlton, NY 5k Run
13 Richard Bennett Clifton Park, NY 5k Run
14 James Benway Delanson, NY 5k Run
15 Hailey Bortell Schenectady, NY 5k Run
16 Meaghan Brennan Slingerlands, NY 5k Run
17 Shaun Buerker Albany, NY 5k Run
18 Amanda Burleigh Altamont, NY 5k Run
19 Theo Carle Albany, NY 5k Run
20 Alice Carpenter Delmar, NY 5k Run
21 Gwendolyn Carter Schenectady, NY 5k Run
22 Lisa Centi Schenectady, NY 5k Run
23 Lauren Clemens Albany, NY 5k Run
24 Adriana D Collins Saratoga Springs, NY 5k Run
25 Denzil Johnson Corda Altamont, NY 5k Run
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